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What is My Beach Tags?

My Beach Tags is a mobile application that allows beach goers to buy and use beach tags and badges right from their mobile device.  Simply sign-in, purchase a beach tag or beach badge using a debit or credit card, and show the unique QR code to the beach tag checker when you get to the beach.  That’s it! No need to worry about losing or forgetting your beach tags or beach badges, an no need to pickup physical beach tags.

Is there a fee for using the app?

Yes, there is a fee for using the My Beach Tags app to purchase beach tags.  The purchase price includes all third-party payment processing fees, as well as a small fee charged by the app.  After all, the My Beach Tags team needs to make a profit too!

Is the My Beach Tags app safe?

The My Beach Tags app uses Stripe Connect payment API for safe and secure third-payment processing.  The My Beach Tags app also full end-to-end encryption for all private and personal data. We are fully registered and insured.

How does it work?

Using the My Beach Tags app, users can purchase beach tags and badges from registered municipalities rather than purchasing tangible beach tags or badges.  Within the app, users can select which beach they would like to visit, and how many tags or badges to purchase. Purchased beach tags and badges on the application allows beach goers to use a digital QR code to gain access to the beach.

Are beach tags transferable?

Yes, the application allows beach tags and badges purchased by one user to be electronically transferred either temporarily or permanently to other users.  In the app, you simply need to select the number of beach tags you would like to share, enter the email address of the person you would like to share them with, and the duration of the transfer.  The other user will then receive an email notification, with a link they can click on to accept the beach tags. Once they accept, the original user will no longer be able to access the shared tags, until the time they have designated expires.  Once that duration ends however, the shared beach tags will be automatically credited back to the original purchaser's account, provided there is additional time remaining.

Can a beach tag be shared more than once? 

A beach tag can only be valid for a single user at any given time.  If a seasonal or weekly beach tag is shared, the person receiving the beach tag will also be able to share it one additional time, but no other sharing is permitted.  Daily beach tags can be shared but have to be shared for the entire day. Daily beach tags can only be shared once and only by the original purchaser.

Can rental owners share beach tags with their tenants? 

Yes.  For example, if a rental owner buys six seasonal beach tags, he or she will be able to transfer those seasonal tags in one week increments to their tenants for reach rental period.  The tenants will receive beach tags valid for one week, and will be able to share those beach tags one additional time within that week. This is helpful for situations where two or more families are renting together for a week.  The rental owner can share the six weekly beach tags with one of the tenants, and then that tenants can share them amongst themselves. Once the beach tags are shared by the tenant to the other tenants, no other sharing is possible.

Can I share a daily beach tag?

Yes, daily beach tags can be shared, but only for the entire day and only once by the original user.  For example, if a group of friends are meeting at the beach for a day, one person can buy all of the beach tags, and then transfer them within the app to their friends

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